HP 62XL Black/C2P05AE


  • Envy e-AIO 5540
  • Envy e-AIO 5542
  • Envy e-AIO 5544
  • Envy e-AIO 5545
  • Envy e-AIO 5640
  • Envy e-AIO 5642
  • Envy e-AIO 5643
  • Envy e-AIO 5644
  • Envy e-AIO 7640
  • Envy e-AIO 7645
  • OfficeJet e-AIO 5740
  • OfficeJet e-AIO 5741
  • OfficeJet e-AIO 5742
  • OfficeJet e-AIO 5743
  • OfficeJet e-AIO 5744
  • OfficeJet e-AIO 5745
  • OfficeJet e-AIO 5746
  • OfficeJet e-AIO 8040


The cartridge is remanufactured and is not counterfeit. Some HP printers will write empty to a cartridge when it is finished. Upon installation the printer has detected the cartridge has been previously used by reading the data stored on the microchip located underneath the cartridge. This remanufactured cartridge has gone through rigorous inspection, cleaning and refilling processes to produce a quality alternative branded product.
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Check the cartridge is the correct model for the printer. HP manufacture many different cartridges, which look the same, but are not always interchangeable. If the cartridge is the correct one for your printer, remove the cartridge, and wipe the gold coloured electrical contacts with a tissue, before reinstalling the cartridge (see below).
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The cartridge may have an electrical fault. Return the cartridge to your store for a replacement.
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The printer has a cleaning cycle designed to remove air trapped in the cartridge’s printhead. Use this cleaning cycle according to the instructions for your printer.
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If you believe the cartridge is OK, try wiping the printhead on the cartridge with a moist tissue. (Deionised water is best to moisten the tissue, some hard tap water may make the problem worse). Wipe the printhead from front to back until you get a black line, or a three colour line on the tissue. Reinstall the cartridge and try again.
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This can sometimes happen when using remanufactured cartridges as it is not possible to reset the ink level information stored in the cartridge. The printer thinks that the cartridge is low on ink (even though it has been fully refilled with ink) and after a few pages of print, displays a message stating "ink out" or "ink depleted". This message can be cleared by clicking the "ok" button. Printing will now continue.

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